Jeri Meer Muhich

  • On January 31, 2020
“Yay!!!  Just knowing Corcoran is involved is helping me sleep better at night.  Great presentation to the Board at tonight’s meeting Victoria – I love your energy and enthusiasm!”
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Austin Creative Alliance

  • On December 7, 2016
“We MORE THAN DOUBLED our sponsored project donations from last year on Amplify Austin! Cha-Ching!  A special thanks goes out to Julia & Victoria, the wonderful ladies at Corcoran & Co. who presented that amazing fundraising workshop exclusively tailored to our sponsored projects; we couldn’t have done it without you!”
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Kathy Dunn Hamrick

  • On October 16, 2015
“It has been an amazing experience. I think the timing was absolutely perfect, and the ideas you had were spot on. You have energized us, motivated us and actually mobilized us (that’s the tough part).”
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