The Secret to Amplify Austin Success

The Secret to Amplify Austin Success

  • On January 10, 2017

Happy New Year! We hope you’re ready to face 2017 with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s never easy to change the world! Keep that in mind, and remember that your steady efforts are making good things happen.

Speaking of steady efforts … that’s actually why we’re writing to you today. Because in just two short weeks, donation scheduling will begin for Amplify Austin.

“Amplify Austin? Isn’t that in March?”

Why yes, it is — March 2 at 6 pm is the official beginning of Austin’s annual day of giving. But one of the best ways to make Amplify Austin a success is to treat it as a campaign that lasts for four weeks, instead of 24 hours.

That means that there’s no time like the present to plan your successful campaign! Here are a few things you can do right now that will improve your results down the line:

  1. Recruit a team. Who are your true believers? Don’t just think about your board members or event committees — think about the folks who always volunteer, or attend your events — or even people who open your emails regularly. They would most likely be honored to be asked to help — and they’re often a great source of new ideas.
  2. Find your match. Matching funds are a great way to leverage a giving day opportunity. They let you say “there’s never been a better time to give” and really mean it. The St. David’s Foundation provides $1 million in matching funds every year to its grant partners … and it’s no surprise that those organizations are at the top of the leaderboard every year. 
  3. Tell a story. Note that we didn’t say “tell your story.” This isn’t the time to brag about your innovative new program or bold approach. Find a story about someone who is affected by your work. How does your organization make Austin a better place to live? 

Now is the time to get all the pieces in place! If you need help — call us. We can provide brief strategic planning sessions or help you manage a full campaign. Let’s start 2017 off with a bang!


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