More Last-Minute Year-End Planning

More Last-Minute Year-End Planning

  • On December 12, 2016

A few weeks ago we gave you some strategies to help you think about year-end fundraising.

But at Corcoran HQ, we believe in acknowledging reality. That was just before Thanksgiving! You probably wrapped up everything urgent and left for the long weekend without a look back.

Hey, we don’t blame you. You work hard. And the fourth quarter is a grind even if it doesn’t coincide with the end of your fiscal year. For most nonprofits, December is the the busiest month for fundraising.

So now that there are only 19 days left in the year (!), we thought we’d give you another year-end plan — one that will still help maximize your success for 2016. The key now is to focus on the channels that are still available to you: email, web, social media.

Step 1: Get your story. Write your very best appeal to go out by email. Need inspiration? Read your top-performing appeals and see what you can “borrow” for this year. 

You still have time to send at least two emails: your first masterpiece and a follow-up in the very last week of the year.

Next, assemble your list, which will most likely be “every email address we have.” Take some time to look through it to pull VIPs, clean up typos, etc. (How many appeals fail to land because they go to “” or “”?)

Step 2 – Get it on out there. By every means at your disposal. Send your first email, then post a holiday-themed graphic on your home page that links to your donation page. Schedule at least three social media posts tied to your appeal between now and the end of the year. 

If you ignore every piece of this plan, at the very least, send an email in the last week of the year. Every other organization will be out there fishing for donations — drop your line in those waters along with everyone else’s!


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